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Joining Cathy Fitzgerald as a participant on her HAUMEA short online course.

Eco-literacy for creatives

Excited to participate in next HAUMEA short course on eco-literacy for creatives run by Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald and Dr. Nikos Patedakis. Cathy is an artist and scientist who has developed a guiding theory-method framework to improve understanding of the value and potential of long-term eco-social art practices that are embedded in communities. This is incredible work, I’m looking forward putting some of that learning into practice in the People’s Land Trust, (PLoT) as our project is creatively problematising the use of urban land and reflecting on custodianship in urban places. Over the course of the art project we’re using artistic strategies, the CLT model and radical pedagogies towards future imaginings and transformation of the urban condition of living together. Within this focus we see an opportunity to also take into account critical future ecological concerns and wider concepts of cohabitation. My project partners, Elinor Rivers and Collette Lewis are also taking the course, meaning that we will be able to integrate our learning together into the ongoing work.

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See the link here for more details.


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