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Landscapes of Daring Political Dreams A Masterclass series with Jeanne van Heeswijk and Phoebe Bahman

Featured Image – Deep Mapping Boreen by PLoT 2021

Starting last Monday I’m lucky enough to be a participant on the current Masterclass hosted by the Fire Station Art Studios and Create, the national development agency for collaborative art. The Masterclass is online over three 2.5hr sessions. One of the tiny advantages of COVID 19 restrictions has been access to online workshops, screenings, seminars, talks and so on. I know it doesn’t replace being in the same room, but getting to the room has so often been my problem. I’m counting my blessings.

Jeanne van Heeswijk’s Public Faculty

The Masterclass series is focused on community dreamscaping. ‘In this time, we need to bring forth new ways of working across physical and digital divides. Artists can work as facilitators bridging knowledge and experience to amplify community resilience’. 
The interactions and training offered over the three days will develop my practice as an artist, and crucially the module training will be shared and adapted by the People’s Land Trust (PLoT) project.

Our project is creatively problematising the use of urban land and reflecting on custodianship in urban places. Over the course of the art project we are using artistic strategies, the CLT model and radical pedagogies towards future imaginings and transformation of the urban condition of living together. Within this focus we see an opportunity to also take into account critical future ecological concerns and wider concepts of cohabitation. PLoT is particularly interested in the dynamic transaction between – land law, community led planning for collective living and artistic processes of enquiry. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with Jeanne and Pheobe, and the fellow participants in the modules that will bring fresh methods and perspectives to our work. I’m hoping to learn more about building a community that has the tools and skills to engage in long-term change, I’d also value conversation and tools that reflect-on and test blended real-world and digital strategies as we all work with the challenges of Covid 19 restrictions.

Read more about the Masterclass here

Marilyn Lennon’s website


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