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People’s Land Trust (PLoT) to participate on the UNIDEE Residency: Groundwork for Embedded Arts Practice.

PLoT is announced as one of the selected participants on the UNIDEE Residency spring/summer 2021: Groundwork for Embedded Arts Practice.

Its been a really busy time and we’ve just been given notice that the Peoples Land Trust PLoT has been invited to participate in this excellent residency. Over the course of ten weeks participants will benefit from perspectives, workshops, and mentoring opportunities from guest practitioners, curators, collectives, arts organisers and academics. Invited guests and case studies include economic geographer and co-author of  Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming Our Communities Professor Katherine Gibson (Australia); artist Jeanne van Heeswijk (the Netherlands); community economies platform The Interdependence (artists Kathrin BöhmKate RichBianca Elzembauer) with researcher and curator Aria SpinelliDecentralising Political Economies(presented by researcher/curator Alessandra Saviotti and artist Owen Griffiths); artist, academic and curator of the feminist DIY virtual collective Ladyz in Noyz Marlo De Lara (USA); nomadic postcapitalist think-tank Institute of Radical Imagination (represented by artists and academics Massimiliano MollonaMarco Baravalle and Emanuele Braga), Mexico City-based collective Cráter Invertido (Mexico), Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club (UK) – a worker’s co-op run cultural venue in Leeds; Pyramid, a collective of around 150 artists with and without learning disabilities and artist-facilitator, museum professional and academic Jade French (UK); and artist, activist, and author of Art as Social Action and Dark Matter Gregory Sholette (USA).

Looking forward to seeing the influence that these practitioners will have on how the project develops.

Marilyn Lennon’s website


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