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Haumea in chalk

Cathy Fitzgerald and Nicos Patedakis offer an enormous wealth of experience and content on the online Haumea course – Eco-literacy for Creatives and Art Professionals. I’m a week from finishing the six modules and will, thank goodness, have access to the module content over the coming months. I highly recommend this excellent course to anyone who is thinking about an ecological art practice.

An ecoliterate person is prepared to be an effective member of sustainable society, with well‐rounded abilities of head, heart, hands, and spirit, comprising an organic understanding of the world and participatory action within and with the environment. McBride et al., 2013, Ecosphere, Vol. 4, Issue 5

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Recently I’ve found remembering the information I’m coming into contact with is pretty challenging, I’m zoomed out! But I’ve noticed that if I move my body while taking notes I have much better recall. I’ve always been a diagram maker so I’ve taken to the blackboard to combine movement, writing and drawing. Here is a small overview of one of the Haumea modules in diagram form, coincidentally diagramming and visualising information was one of the topics discussed – one of Nicos thought provocations.


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