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PLoT – Thinking About Community Land Trusts


If you’ve had a look at my posts over the last few months you’ll know I’m currently working on a longterm social art project in partnership with artist’s Elinor Rivers and Colette Lewis, the People’s Land Trust (PLoT), in Cork city Ireland.  The art project reimagines future sustainability and urban land use by bringing together a radical school and the Community Land Trust model. 

A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a community-led mechanism for holding land in perpetuity. CLT’s developed out of the ’60’s civil rights movement in the US. A co-ownership model was developed, using an ethic of stewardship in the co-management of land and all its associated assets and resources for wider, and future community benefit. 

Today CLT’s are a legal structure available in certain countries, however the model has been adapted by communities around the globe. Working together, detailed negotiations for ownership and management are co-developed based on the needs of the communities that the CLT serves. Forming a community, participants must consider elaborate and nuanced questions and engage in complex co-development processes when deciding what’s appropriate for the community and for a locality. Through these co-developed processes, CLT communities form and create plans and agreements. 

As part of the People’s Land Trust art project we are exploring the potential of artistic strategies to co-learn, to co-initiate, to co-create, to test and to critique these radical ideals in process.  

Upcoming event. 

PLoT has been invited to introduce this work by Test Site. On Saturday morning 26th June, we’re inviting a small number of people to join us on a walking tour/workshop . On the ‘tour’, we will walk and map the assets and resources in the immediate environs of Test Site, from human and non-human perspectives. This is a short creative intervention in the city centre, an introduction to the different interests and complex negotiations entailed in co-developing community managed land.


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