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A Sonic Arrival Ritual for community in Virtual Digital Space, sampling Teach Yourself to Fly from the Meditation Scores of Pauline Oliveros

Rituals for arrival to and departure from a digital shared space.

As part of the Conjunction participation on the UNIDEE residency Iliyana Nedkova and I prompted a collective Conjunction reflection on the non-verbal tuning of our attention to each other when coming together in our virtual hub.

In ’08 & ’09 I was lucky enough to be a resident on two Deep Listening Retreats with Pauline Oliveros, Ione and Heloise Gold.  Pauline Oliveros, American composer and student of John Cage, coined the term Deep Listening to describe a practice of radical attentiveness.  Her practice was developed to deepen everyday engagement with sound. She considered sound not only to be the audible vibrations of the air around us, but the totality of many vibrational energies throughout the universe. To listen is to be aware of oneself in that collective whole. 

During the UNIDEE residency I created a graphic score, drawing on the sonic meditations of Pauline Oliveros – which are intended to be conducted in regular meetings over a long period of time.  The graphic score invites Conjunction members to intentionally arrive, co-occupy our virtual space and tune in to each other as an act of coming together.

We are not in a hurry
We are for communing not productivity
We are for open and evolving infrastructures
We are for expanded forms of embodied presence in the digital realm
We are for being and becoming together  


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