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KinShip Project Launch

The KinShip art project is an ambitious public artwork based in a former landfill site south of Cork City. The aim of this year-long project is to develop a kin-like connection between the non-human inhabitants of Tramore Valley Park and its surrounding community, encouraging people to treat the wider community of life in the park with the same respect we’d extend to members of our own family. 

A Sonic Arrival Ritual for community in Virtual Digital Space, sampling Teach Yourself to Fly from the Meditation Scores of Pauline Oliveros

Rituals for arrival to and departure from a digital shared space. As part of the Conjunction participation on the UNIDEE residency Iliyana Nedkova and I prompted a collective Conjunction reflection on the non-verbal tuning of our attention to each other when coming together in our virtual hub. In ’08 & ’09 I was lucky enoughContinue reading “A Sonic Arrival Ritual for community in Virtual Digital Space, sampling Teach Yourself to Fly from the Meditation Scores of Pauline Oliveros”

PLoT – Thinking About Community Land Trusts

walk/workshop If you’ve had a look at my posts over the last few months you’ll know I’m currently working on a longterm social art project in partnership with artist’s Elinor Rivers and Colette Lewis, the People’s Land Trust (PLoT), in Cork city Ireland.  The art project reimagines future sustainability and urban land use by bringingContinue reading “PLoT – Thinking About Community Land Trusts”

Update from UNIDEE

Image. Vetch Veg is a community Vegetable garden created in collaboration between residents of the Sandfields in Swansea and the artist Owen Griffiths. Together they created an urban utopia in the centre of the city on the historic ground of the Vetch football field. Over the past three weeks I’ve been a participant on the spring/summer 2021 UNIDEEContinue reading “Update from UNIDEE”

CONJUNCTION Readings – VR encounters

As a globally dispersed collective of artists and curators, CONJUNCTION explores concepts of publicness and digitality through commissioning, curating and socially-engaged art, as well as the use of digital spaces. Together we create trans local/national solidarities on a register of scales and timeframes. We meet weekly with members from the EU and US without theContinue reading “CONJUNCTION Readings – VR encounters”

It matters what stories tell stories, it matters what thoughts think thoughts, it matters what worlds, world worlds

I’ve returned to Donna Haraway’s Staying with the Trouble with a new set of ideas underpinning how I hear and understanding what she’s saying – thanks to the Haumea short course. And because of my blackboards I’m stretching and reaching with my body and my mind together. I might have hit on the perfect combination!?

Landscapes of Daring Political Dreams A Masterclass series with Jeanne van Heeswijk and Phoebe Bahman

Featured Image – Deep Mapping Boreen by PLoT 2021 Starting last Monday I’m lucky enough to be a participant on the current Masterclass hosted by the Fire Station Art Studios and Create, the national development agency for collaborative art. The Masterclass is online over three 2.5hr sessions. One of the tiny advantages of COVID 19Continue reading “Landscapes of Daring Political Dreams A Masterclass series with Jeanne van Heeswijk and Phoebe Bahman”

National Sculpture Factory Cork, Ireland

I’m the new Board Member, and proud to be given an opportunity to contribute to the national cultural landscape. I’m honoured to invited to be one of the newest Board Members of the National Sculpture Factory. The National Sculpture Factory (NSF) is an Irish arts organisation which provides and promotes a supportive and enabling environmentContinue reading “National Sculpture Factory Cork, Ireland”

CONJUNCTION Public Art Curatorial Collective

Announcing a new collective. CONJUNCTION – a globally dispersed collective of 25 mid-career and established curators, artists, designers, educators, and public arts practitioners who first met in January 2020 while attending the year-long professional development course Curating and Commissioning Contemporary Public Art at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The ‘naming ceremony’ of our collective coincidedContinue reading “CONJUNCTION Public Art Curatorial Collective”

PLoT School hosts screening of Holding Ground documentary.

Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street This inspiring film chronicles the decade-long struggle of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) and community members of the Roxbury section of Boston to transform their neighborhood from one of vacant lots used for illegal dumping, red-lining by banks, and misguided city planning. Through retrospective interviews with communityContinue reading “PLoT School hosts screening of Holding Ground documentary.”