PLoT – Thinking About Community Land Trusts

walk/workshop If you’ve had a look at my posts over the last few months you’ll know I’m currently working on a longterm social art project in partnership with artist’s Elinor Rivers and Colette Lewis, the People’s Land Trust (PLoT), in Cork city Ireland.  The art project reimagines future sustainability and urban land use by bringingContinue reading “PLoT – Thinking About Community Land Trusts”

National Sculpture Factory Cork, Ireland

I’m the new Board Member, and proud to be given an opportunity to contribute to the national cultural landscape. I’m honoured to invited to be one of the newest Board Members of the National Sculpture Factory. The National Sculpture Factory (NSF) is an Irish arts organisation which provides and promotes a supportive and enabling environmentContinue reading “National Sculpture Factory Cork, Ireland”

MA Social Practice and the Creative Environment MA SPACE

Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick Institute of Technology Early in 2020 as joint programme leaders, Sean Taylor and I decided to move MA SPACE online. The Masters programme was in its 10th year, an interesting moment. In early spring we were forced to find ways to deliver the programme and maintain our learningContinue reading “MA Social Practice and the Creative Environment MA SPACE”

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