Haumea in chalk

Cathy Fitzgerald and Nicos Patedakis offer an enormous wealth of experience and content on the online Haumea course – Eco-literacy for Creatives and Art Professionals. I’m a week from finishing the six modules and will, thank goodness, have access to the module content over the coming months. I highly recommend this excellent course to anyoneContinue reading “Haumea in chalk”

Joining Cathy Fitzgerald as a participant on her HAUMEA short online course.

Eco-literacy for creatives Excited to participate in next HAUMEA short course on eco-literacy for creatives run by Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald and Dr. Nikos Patedakis. Cathy is an artist and scientist who has developed a guiding theory-method framework to improve understanding of the value and potential of long-term eco-social art practices that are embedded in communities.Continue reading “Joining Cathy Fitzgerald as a participant on her HAUMEA short online course.”

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