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Commissioning and Curating Contemporary Public Art, University of Gothenburg

A year of professional development comes to a close.

Over the past year I’ve been a participant on the continuing professional development course, Commissioning and Curating Contemporary Public Art by Valand Academy at University of Gothenburg, in partnership with Public Art Agency Sweden and the University of Arts Helsinki. I highly recommend the online course to anyone interested in art in the public realm.

We were a group of twenty-five globally dispersed mid-career and established curators, artists, designers, educators, and public arts practitioners, which in itself, was an amazing resource.

We examined the processes and frameworks that operate when art is created in, and for, public space and the challenges of curating art in the public realm. We studied the conflicting perceptions of public space and public culture, and the highly contested themes of “the public sphere”. as well as how curators, commissioners, diverse publics, communities, artists, and other practitioners effectively move between ideas of public culture, and the pragmatic contexts of actual decision-making, production, procurement, installation, and planning processes? We asked, what do communities wishing to invite public art into their environments, or wishing to instigate public art commissions or decommissioning, need to know in order to pursue their desires and ambitions?

The teaching team included: Jason E. Bowman, Kerstin Bergendal, Kjell Caminha, Dr Daniel Jewesbury, Suzanne Mooney, Dr Sarah Tuck, Professor Mick Wilson, Viviana Checchia and guest lecturers..

If you’re interested in the next iteration see this link.

Marilyn Lennon’s website


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